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Anonymous asked:

What are some of your political beliefs?


I am a socialist. Not the kind of socialist the Tea Party paints President Obama but a dyed in the wool socialist. I believe that the United States should leave it’s dubious position of the world cop, reduce the military and revamp the social net for its veterans, elderly, young and infirm. The U.S. should come up with a “Marshall Plan” type program for our own devastated country. Rebuilding schools, paying for post-secondary education for all qualified students, rebuilding the rust belt cities, single payer free health care, revitalize our industries, rebuild our rotting bridges, roads, sewer systems and power generating facilities.We need reasonably priced homes and to place homeownership back in the range of American working men and women. We need to invest in the futures of our inner city youth with jobs and education and reduce the number of prisons. These changes will move trillions into the domestic non-defense economy and create an estimated 30 million high paying jobs. We need to address the shift in wealth from the American working men and women to the few wealthy families.

If these changes are not made this country will face a revolution in another fifty years.

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